The Peninsula Manila welcomes Spices Specialty Chef, Chef Radhey Shayam


The Peninsula Manila welcomes to the team Chef Radhey Shayam, who will be heading the kitchen of Spices. Spices is known for their Thai and Indian dishes, having someone from Northern India, the restaurant will forefront this regional cuisine in their menu.

To celebrate this occasion, The Peninsula Manila dished out a sneak peak of the new items Chef Shayam had introduced into the menu.


The night started off with an Indian Thali, served with Garlic Naan, a recipe Chef Shayam learned from his mother.


The Thali is composed of dishes that can be enjoyed “a la carte”.

1.) Papadum, a tandoor-baked thin, crisp, disc-shaped bread using seasoned dough.

2.) Indian Salad, made of ripe tomato, cucumber, red onion, fresh coriander.

3.) Murgh Makhani, Chef Shayam’s specialty also known as butter chicken, made from roasted Pamora Chicken, and best eaten with Naan or Basmati Rice.

4.) Chili Paneer, this “Indian-Chinese” dish is very reminiscent of Northern India cooking, imploring the flavors of Central Asia into their dishes.

5.) Malai Kofta, instead of meat, uses grated paneer, potatoes, nuts, and dried fruits.

6.) Goat Rogan Josh, a braised goat curry aromatic spices such as cardamom, cloves, and cumin.

7.) Dal Makhani, the very first dish Chef Shayam learned how to cook in his hometown of Rishikesh, a small town in Uttarakhand state near the Himalayan foothills that border Nepal and China.

8.) Matar Pulao, a basmati rice pilaf Chef Shayam made specifically for Spices in Manila.

9.) Raita Yoghurt, dahi or yogurt with cucumber, onion, and lemon juice.


At this point, it is important to first note that Northern Indian dishes are tad less spicy than what our connotation of Indian cuisine is in general. Also, they don’t use coconut milk that much, though they use nuts instead, as thickener to their sauces. This would be a great place to introduce people to Indian cooking, especially for people who are not used to eating tons of heat.


Aside from the humongous servings of Thali, we also got to try the Crispy Chicken Samosa, which again uses Pamora Chicken. This is a must have appetizer when in Spices.


Salmon Filet Tikka Masala, a definite first for me to try a tikka masala that uses Salmon Filet. This is a crowd fave for the night!


Last for our main course was Tandoori Jumbo Prawns served with coriander yogurt, and fresh mint.


For dessert, we were able to try the Mango Kulfi with Pistachio Cremeux, Cardamom Crumble, and Mango Jelly. A perfect way to end such a filling night.


The dinner was paired with creations made by Rico Deang, their new Beverage Manager.


The Mango Dawn, is Macaruya or local Passionfruit and Mango, with green-tea infused Vodka, Fresh Lime, and Sugarcane. Something refreshing and sour to soothe Manila’s heat.


For inquiries or further information, please call +63 (2) 887 2888, extension 6694 (Restaurant Reservations), email or visit the website


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel C. Uy

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