Serenitea introduces Cookie Brulee Series


The OG of Milk Tea brands in the country, Serenitea, recently launched their Cookie Brulee series. What is a Cookie Brulee? Personally, I think of it as a mash-up of dessert, and of milk tea, combined in one portable package.


Being the curious cat that I am, I ordered all three variants stated on the poster. Everything we had was at zero percent sugar, but I think 25 percent would have been the perfect level for this drink.

Also, with most Serenitea drinks, one sinker is included in. I opted for Egg Pudding, which I find goes very well with the drink, since I really am not a huge pearl fan.


First up is the Cookie Supreme Matcha.

Well, I got confused between Cookie Supreme and Cookie Brulee.

Apparently, you can order all drinks either as a Cookie Supreme or a Cookie Brulee. A Cookie Supreme has a layer of Choco Cookie custard that’s thick, velvety and with a crunch then topped with Choco Cookie Frost that’s totally creamy and slightly salty.

While a Cookie Brulee on the other hand, has a layer of  Choco cookie custard that’s thick, velvety and with a crunch.


With that said, there are actually four “versions” in the series. A Cookie Brulee Milk Tea, like the one on the photo above, or a Cookie Supreme Milk Tea, like the photo below. There is also the Cookie Brulee Matcha, or the Cookie Supreme Matcha.


As you can see, the basic difference between the two is the thick luscious layer of cookie frost on top. This has a slight salty taste to it, that gives the drink that sweet salty combo I enjoy very much.


Now, I wonder… Which side are you in? Cookie Supreme or Cookie Brulee? With Serenitea, being the OG of Milk Tea brands in the Metro, there is no doubt that their tea base is always at its finest.

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel C. Uy

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