KFC launches Garlic Butter Chicken


I can’t say this enough… I love Fried Chicken!!! I can literally eat Fried Chicken every single day. May I just say, KFC’s Krispy Original is heaven sent!!! I usually jump between Krispy Original or Hot & Crispy depending on my craving. But… KFC’s *new* Garlic Butter Chicken is fast becoming a favorite.


KFC have definitely owned their expertise in creating unique experiences through providing numerous ways to enjoy their famous chicken, few of my many faves would be their Sisig Rice Bow, and California Maki Twister. It is no wonder why KFC continues to surprise us with new food offerings every year.


The *new* Garlic Butter chicken is a Hot & Crispy chicken, dipped in flavorful garlic butter sauce. Flavorful indeed! You can taste a strong taste of sweet, and garlicky flavor that pairs very well with their Butter Rice.


You may enjoy this A la Carte for 99php, or with a regular drink for 109php, or with a drink and a Mushroom Soup for 120php.


Also enjoy the *new* Garlic Butter Chicken on-the-go, with the KFC Garlic Butter Twister. Signature KFC Hotshots coated with flavorful garlic butter sauce, made even better with tasty buttered corn, world-famous original Crispy Fries, topped off with a drizzle of mayonnaise, all wrapped in a warm and toasty tortilla.


The KFC Garlic Butter Twister is available for A la Carte for 95php, or as a meal with regular drink, and Crispy Fries for 145php


What are you waiting for? Give in to you cravings and dig into the buttery goodness of KFC’s Garlic Butter Chicken. Rich taste, flavorful glaze.


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel C. Uy

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