Shaburi Kintan opens in Glorietta 2, Top of the Glo


Satisfy your cravings for authentic Japanese comfort food at Shaburi Kintan, which opened last June 2019 at Japan Town in Glorietta 2’s Top of the Glo.


The restaurant offers 50 sumptuous selections of Japanese dishes at great value for money. Enjoy a healthy and delicious feast with your choice of meat, seafood, and vegetable along with equally healthy and scrumptious broth with their shabu-shabu, Shaburi.


Fresh and delectable meats that you can grill just the way you want it likewise await in their yakiniku, Kintan.


For the Kintan buffet, start by choosing from four amazing options. Regular Buffet, Kinta Buffet, Premium Buffet, and Special Wagyu Buffet. You can then choose your type of rice and the meats.


For the shabu-shabu buffet, on the otherhand, you can have the Regular Shabu, Special Shabu, Shaburi Wagyu, or Special Wagyu. Take your pick from six tasty soup varieties. Chef’s recommendations include the Beef Pepper for meat dishes. You can also opt for two soup choices, as the pots are available in both single and twin pots. Having any of the Original Konbu, Sukiyakim and Chicken Collagen Paitan are also highly recommended.


Meat choices for both the kintan and shabu-shabu include quality chicken, pork, and beef cuts.


Shaburi Kintan also offers fine selections of Kintan Karubi, Rosu, Dice Tender, Gyu Tan, Nakaochi, Harami, Shimofuri Steak, Atsu Toungue,Wagyu Karubi, and Wagyu Steak in various flavors. You can order them along with choices from the main menu.


For reservations or inquiry please call (0956) 244 2688.


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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