Healthy Options introduces Tints of Nature Hair Dye

2019-11-10 03.28.23 1.jpg

I’ve always wanted to dye my hair… Sadly, anything to do with my hair or scalp, I am very careful about. For one reason, I had severe hair loss because of using one product when I was younger. To the point that I get very frustrated whenever I need to change a barber, I hate changing barbers because I hate explaining why I have thinning hair.

I got hope when I saw that Healthy Options in Robinsons Magnolia is giving a workshop on Hair Dye using Tints of Nature. The first home hair color brand that uses 75% certified organic and 95% naturally derived ingredients.


Come workshop day, I noticed I’m the only guy present in the crowd. Nonetheless, I braved through the session to know more about the product. I noticed most participants already know how to apply Hair Dye at home, but since I’m a newbie at this… I booked an appointment with my mom’s hairdresser.


I asked my friends’ and my mom’s advice on what color to get, most of them agreed that I get a Permanent Mahogany Brown Hair Color. I remembered mom’s first hair dye is also Mahogany Brown.

What I learned from the session is that the Permanent Hair Color is Ammonia and Paraben Free. Ever since I got thinning hair, I made sure all my hair products are Sulfate and Paraben Free, since these products are generally milder for the scalp.


The lecturer also suggested that I get a Bright Red Henna Cream Semi-Permanent Dye. I regret the decision that I didn’t listen to her. I’ll explain that in a bit, but I think my inner conservative self is preventing me from having a Bright Red Hair.


What I like about Tints of Nature products is that it all smell like Apples, fruits, or fresh Apple Cider. It doesn’t have any chemical smell, if not very faint. When the hairdresser applied the Hair Dye on my head, it didn’t make my scalp itch. The product was on my head for about 40 minutes.


Going back, since I had short and thinning hair, I was able to share most of the Hair Dye with my sister. If in any case, you have no one to share the product with, it can keep in the chiller for 6 months. I can see, with my sister, that her Hair Dye was more visible than mine. One reason they were telling me is because I have darker hair color. We both had our hair colored for the first time. Mine is only visible when it catches light, really should had gotten that Bright Red.


After this run, I am actually excited to try more color, especially Ash Gray. This can easily be achieved with a Lightening Kit, without the need to bleach the hair.

Even my barber told me that the color was nicely applied, and has a nice bind to my hair.


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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