Arcana Lounge opens in Promenade Mall, Greenhills

As we continue our reemergence from what we’ve gotten  used to in the past two years, we’ve put a premium on the quality of experiences we want to  create or be a part of. Gathering in person has become a luxury for many, and this is what  inspired the concept of Arcana Lounge. 

As the newest place to gather in the now-normal lifestyle, Arcana Lounge is a place that aims  to inspire people to rediscover the luxury of casual gatherings through a well-curated dining  experience that’s meant to be shared with those who matter most. Conveniently located at  Promenade Mall in Greenhills, Arcana Lounge opens its doors to the curious and sociable – those in search for new places that offer low-key luxury experiences that are within reach.  With seats and private rooms good for small groups or a little more, Arcana Lounge made  space for its guests to comfortably indulge in its array of dishes and drinks. 

Get familiar once more with some of your favorite dishes made more special with some  delicious and well thought-out twists and turns. From our Sisig Rolls, Sliders, and Buffalo  Wings to Rib Eye, Porterhouse Steaks, Lamb Rack, Pork Ribs, Pan Seared Salmon, and  Prawns Thermidor, we have a keen sense when it comes to details and deliciousness which  makes each dish not only more than enough to celebrate about, but are also perfect inclusions  to any celebration. 

Aptly named, Arcana Lounge also offers a wide selection of drinks for every type of person,  and for any type of occasion. Its versions of Forgotten Classics such as the rich Whiskey Sour,  or the bittersweet freshness of the Negroni are surefire hits for those with a more nostalgic  palette. For those with a taste for something new and exciting however, Arcana Lounge also  has a list of Signature Cocktails that are worth a shot or two. Tickle your taste buds with the  unlikely combination that makes the Picnic cocktail a treat to remember. The Arcana Twister  is a creamy yet refreshing take on your favorite pineapple drink, giving you a taste of summer  whenever you feel like it. These are just few of the drinks that await those who enjoy long,  hearty conversations with great company at Arcana Lounge. 

This time around, we invite you to get familiar with the unfamiliar. Let new memories unfold as  you dine and unwind with those that matter most. Have more reason to celebrate and discover  all the different ways you can gather around great food and delicious drinks, all in a place that  makes casual gatherings more special. Discover what lies ahead at Arcana Lounge.

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Stay hungry,


Nathaniel C. Uy

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