The Aristocrat Restaurant Celebrates 80 Years of Filipino Traditions


Aristocrat is an institution, I highly doubt I’ll ever meet someone who has not yet eaten in Aristocrat. Now that they are celebrating their 80th year in the business, I am not entirely sure whether to congratulate them or to thank them for being a reliable establishment of good, quality, Filipino cuisine.


Started as a roving car that sells the infamous Flying Saucer in 1936, by the Queen of Filipino Cooking, Ms. Engracia Cruz- Reyes, Aristrocrat has now grown to much more than just a restaurant to instead an institution.


The Aristrocrat Restaurant kicked off their celebrations last November 28, which highlighted their iconic dishes.


First plate served to us was their Dinuguan and Arroz Caldo which apparently was cooked with cow’s udder or “sinuso” for that distinct richness.

Their Dinuguan for me is still the best I’ve tasted and is perfect for first time Dinuguan eater. The flavor of the blood is masked perfectly with vinegar and chili.

Pancit Luglog, Puto and Lumpiang Sariwa completed our first plate of Filipino degustation.


Next is the infamous Adobo Flying Saucer which was created to rival the American Burgers.


A trip to Aristocrat is never complete without their Chicken Barbecue, paired with Java Rice, Homemade Atchara, and Java Sauce. This classic combination didn’t really show up on their menu until the 80’s but proved to be an instant best-seller to everyone.


Guests were treated with performances from none other than Aristocrat employees, who willingly shared their time, effort and talent in producing a wonderful dance number.


In the end, when program was done… LUNCH BUFFET WAS SERVED!!! :)) Someone is really just enjoying all the GREAT food. 🙂


Beef Mechado


Aristocrat Lumpiang Shanghai


Pork Barbecue


South China Chicken


Crab Foo Yeung

Filipino food history is and will never be complete without the story of The Aristocrat. The restaurant that shaped and is still honing generations of food lovers. Everyone’s barometer of taste and of good quality Filipino food.


Personally, I would like to thank The Aristocrat Restaurant for the countless number of Java Rice I ordered, the bowlfuls of Dinuguan I’ve finished,  and the platefuls of Honey Chicken the family has shared. The restaurant not only provided great, quality Filipino Food. But… a landmark to every Filipino coming home from a different country. This is not only a restaurant, but rather an extension of every Filipino’s dining table.


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy


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