Joy Ride! Food Truck by NutriAsia


NutriAsia is a household brand to all Filipino kitchen, Datu Puti and Mang Tomas is quint essential to any Filipino cooking. Adobo will never be adobo without Datu Puti Vinegar, and Lechon Paksiw will never be complete without Mang Tomas Liver Sauce.


With this in mind, NutriAsia together with renowned chef, Chef Ernest Reynoso Gala, re-imagined local food fare and tweaked classic Pinoy comfort food to make them more accessible and appealing to newer generations.



Let’s face it, we live in a fast paced environment. No one have time to actually cook Adobo at home, but thanks to JoyRide! Food Truck by NutriAsia, everyone can now enjoy the comforting flavors of Pinoy food in a handheld package.


First up is the very popular Fried Chicken, this Fried Chicken Sliders uses Pan de Sal, drizzled with delicious BBQ-rrific Catsup Sauce, reminiscent of what we used to eat in children’s party.


Next is Siga Bagnet Wrap, deep-fried Bagnet with Cucumber Salad wrapped in warm Tortilla. A perfect fusion of Pinoy comfort flavors, married perfectly with this Mexican hand-held snack.


Last is Skinny Chix, this irresistible, crunchy chicken skin comes with the choice of Datu Puti Pinoy Sauce, Mang Tomas Siga Sauce, or Jufran Sweet & Chili Sauce.


Prices at Joy Ride! range from only 40 pesos to 80 pesos, making it really affordable for everyone yet serving portions are larger than average. Perfect for sharing or for one hungry person.


Next time you see this Joy Ride Food Truck, don’t forget to try their awesome creations paired with Locally natural Juice Drinks.

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy


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