Healthy Options’ Light Up Your Christmas, Christmas Boxes


With the upcoming excitement for the holidays, the Light Up Your Christmas theme from Healthy Options was inspired from that emanates from within ourselves which can be shared with others. One way to spread the light would be through gifts of health and beauty; gifts that benefits gift-recipients in the long run, beyond the material aspect.


The best gift anyone can give anytime of the year is the gift of health. Always remember that “diet” is 70% made in the kitchen, and only 30% in the gym. Eating premium all-natural and organic products, such as those from Healthy Options, is something I whole-heartedly advocate.


Beautifully curated Christmas boxes filled with all-natural and organic goods are ready to bring light to healthy shoppers and their loved ones. These can also be brought online through or through email at


Sparkle Box contains gourmet selection of healthy snacks and treats for easy cooking.


Glow Box, are a perfect gift for people who sought for  quick and easy on-the-go snacks that still nourishes.


Glisten Box is for people who suffers from Celiac-disease, as it includes gluten-free selections of snacks and beverages to light up even those with food allergies.



Twinkle, and Shimmer Boxes brings to the tables their own health benefits and make gift giving easy to a wide variety of loved ones.




Healthy Options is more than just a healthy shopping destination for grocery items. Shoppers can also light up loves ones’ Christmas with all-natural and organic gifts for beauty. Gift sets inspired by clean and natural beauty can also be found in Healthy Options stores such as the Be Dazzling, Pure Radiance, and Shine On selections.



One particularly exciting privilege is to first witness the launch of the Healthy Options Private label, featuring Healthy Options’ own premium brand of gluten-free grocery items.


Spread the light and bask in the brightness of the holidays with gifts to light up your loves ones’ Christmas.

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy



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