Hennessy XO Gourmet X Chef Jeremy Leung


Hennessy X.O. celebrated the culinary treasures of China with a special dinner at China Blue at the Conrad Manila. The opulent banquet showcased kitchen masterpieces by esteemed chef, Jereme Leung, and libations courtesy of Hennessy X.O. Each of the carefully planned dishes were beautifully complemented by the complex taste of the exemplary cognac; ultimately elevating each served delicacy into a whole new facet of indulgence.


The well appointed hall of China Blue was abuzzed with invigorating energy as Jereme Leung presents his sumptuous menu for Hennessy X.O gourmet. Matthew Lerat – Moet Hennessy Brand Heritage Manager, was also there to welcome everyone of the special dinner. A 5-course meal accentuated with the cognac’s multifaceted flavor profile came in calculated succession. Each dish was ready to entrance the guests with profound flavors that only Jereme Leung can deliver.


Starters featured steamed chicken curry potato bun, deep fried abalone with mushroom, truffle pastry puff with crispy aroma duck green salad with kamquat sesame dressing. A quaint creation that perfectly opens up the gastronomic adventure.


Together with Hennessy X.O “piscine” over ice, the pre-starter of stir fried stuffed crab claw with crispy egg yolk shredded and butter cream was served to the delight of all in attendance.


Guests all lauded the arrival of the Hennessy X.O “On the Soup” – a serving of double boiled king coconut with abalone, pork dumpling and cordyceps flower and peach gum consommé. Indeed, the flavors the cognac blended perfectly with the chef’s marvelous creation.


Served with a glass of Hennessy X.O neat, the main course was a beautiful Wagyu beef cheeks and tendons with radish in a hotpot.


Oven-baked miso snow fish with garlic white sauce.


Baked Chinese sweet vinegar diced chicken, garlic rice in a bamboo cup. A well-rounded course that captures Jereme Leung’s love for traditional cooking and modern technique; all of which encapsulated with the lingering taste of Hennessy X.O.


Closing the sensational dinner was dessert composed of Yunnan fresh rose petal ice cream and vanilla panna cotta served with pistachio chocolate banana. The fusion of flavors sang in harmony with a side of Hennessy X.O in a tea ice rock.


The cognac welcomes you to a flavour journey unlike any other. Smooth yet complex, delicate but strong, bold and subtle – each drop opens a new strand of sophistication. With eaux-de-vie (a clear, colorless fruit brandy) carefully selected and aged for a long time, the result is a cognac that is undeniably rare. And with every kiss of Hennessy X.O, a distinct sensation opens you up to an unparalleled experience.


In this complexity and richness that Hennessy X.O becomes a perfect companion to the vibrancies of Chinese Cuisine.  When the different blends of the cognac are enjoyed with the plethora of ingredients in Chinese dishes, a new sensation can be discovered that will leave you surprised.


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy


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