Mountain Dew celebrates Dew Day


Mountain Dew staked their claim on the gaming world, yesterday March 16, by holding their first ever #DewDay, a one-of-a-kind event that brought together all kinds of gamers and thrill seekers. As the brand known for encouraging people to chase thrills, Mountain Dew took it to the next level and upped its game, welcoming gamers of all levels to a space that allowed them to pursue this passion.


Created in partnership with Road to SEA Games and Mineski Gaming Cafe, #DewDay was jam packed with activities for everyone to enjoy. To start off the event, pro and celebrity gamers showed off their skills for the fans who attended the event.


Gaming enthusiasts also took part in the action themselves, with real-life and virtual activities. They battled with their favorite characters at the Tekken Free Play Zone, and enjoyed an impromptu party with mini-games at the Nintendo Switch zone. Those who were especially daring took to the wall climbing zone that had an augmented reality twist. To top it all off, Mountain Dew ambassadors James Reid and Nadine Lustre, along with  Bret Jackson gave a special performance for the crowd.


With all these exhilarating and adrenaline filled activities, #DewDay left everyone’s hearts pumping, ready to chase the next thrill.


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel C. Uy

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