Presotea Opens in The Annex, SM North EDSA


With almost 400 shops internationally, Presotea, the most well-­‐known tea based chain in Taiwan, has finally reached the Philippine soil. Its first two branches opened in SM Cherry Shaw and Robinsons Magnolia early this year followed by SM Marikina and their recently opened branch at The Annex, SM North EDSA.


Far different from other bubble tea shops, Presotea prides itself in being Tea Specialists: It has developed a deep foundation in tea knowledge with years of experience in producing quality tea leaves. It has its own factories that process its various premium ingredients and toppings.


Presotea Insists on providing the freshest and healthiest tea drinks. For this to be achieved, Presotea launched its own cutting edge tea‐brewing machine known as the Teapresso. The high‐temperature, and high-pressure machine extracts the essence of tea, thus making every customer enjoy the fresh tea flavors and the bittersweet aftertaste.


A stand out from regular bubble tea shops that brew tea in a bulk bucket, Presotea uses one special tea bag for each cup of tea. Every drink is ensured to be freshly made because it’s brew-to-order.


Presotea has an extensive range of tea choices which include Green Tea, Flower Tea, Black Tea, Matcha, and Fruit Tea.


The teas selected for each Presotea cup is made with only high quality tea leaves. It also has unique tea offerings such as A‐Li-Shan Tea and Blueberry tea. Blueberry Tea with Aloe Vera, Signature Tea Latte with Pearl, Panda Milk Tea, Matcha Latte with Red Bean and Pearl, Apple Passion Fruit Yakult, Alishan Iced Tea, and White Peach Tea are among their best sellers. They also have Salted Foam concoctions for those who crave for a thicker dairy cap on top.


Presotea is originally owned by the Good Young LTD, a famous fifth-generation Taiwanese tea processing company. They are known for their decades of inherited knowledge on tea processing and culture.


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel C. Uy

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