Pepita’s Lechon and Catering


When I received message from Ms. Dedet to try dishes for her upcoming catering service, I immediately said yes. For one simple reason… I am a HUGE fan of her lechon, and of her cooking, not only me but the entire family.


I try and follow Ms. Dedet’s lechon all-over-the-metro. May it be at a hotel buffet, or at the World Street Food Congress, or at Madrid Fusion Manila, I take pride in following wherever her lechon goes.


After knowing that Ms. Dedet will provide catering services, I am comforted to know that I don’t need to follow her lechon’s journey anymore. Rather, enjoy it at the comfort of my own home. Lechon and other exciting dishes her catering provides.


Dinner started with awesome tasting appetizers. First was this South Sea Pearls & Seafood, made with tapioca pearls in coconut milk.


Scrumptious Lechon Scones with Mr. Thomas Butter. Mr. Thomas and Ms. Lechon do make a lovely couple. 🙂


Who would have thought of making Bulalo Pate, and Oxtail Marmalade? Serve this over crostini for that perfect appetite perk-me-up.



On our table, Ms. Dedet provided Chicharon and Empanaditas (with lengua, and with balut no less) as amuse bouche.


Main course consist of a Make-your-own-Palabok, complete with Tinapa flakes, Chicharon Bits, Hardboiled Eggs, Fried Garlic to name a few.


There is also a Make-your-own-Lumpia Station, which for me should be a star in its own rights.


Seafood Arroz Caldo, made even better with Taba ng Talangka. 🙂


Nakahimay na Crab Gulong-gulong, got its name because Ms. Dedet promised that this dish is so good, everyone who eats this will roll in joy!!! I know I did… 🙂


Mixed Seafood in Labuyo Sauce is a great dish for people who loves to eat tons of seafood, and for people who loves spicy food.


Ms. Dedet’s Kare-Kare in Cashew Sauce made me tons of rice, and made me forget I was on a diet.


Dinner featured two Relyenong Manok. First was this Chicken with Portobello Mushroom and Rice.


The other one was Chicken stuffed with Foie Gras and Butter-soaked-Bread. Come on now!!! This is just deadly good!!! 🙂


Ms. Dedet also introduced two of her newest lechon creations.


First was the Tagalog Lechon, stuffed with Marbled Potatoes, Garlic, Siling Pang Sigang, and Kalamansi. We were told that the best way to enjoy this lechon is to mash the potatoes and garlic, and mix it with the meat and skin.


Second was the Cebuana Lechon, stuffed with Chicken Wings, Garlic, Tanglad, and Siling Labuyo. Do enjoy the Chicken Wings… It is the best part!!!


Dinner ended with couple of desserts…


Salabat and Avocado Ice Candies, I had the Salabat to help with digestion. But the Avocado was the clear winner.


Bread Pudding with Macapuno, secretly amongst us… the base is Pan de Sal.


Last and not the least, this luscious and thick Ginataang Monggo.


It was indeed a dinner to remember, and everyone can enjoy this at the comfort of their own home. For more information, please call (02) 425 4605 or send her an email (, or visit her Facebook Page or Instagram Account.


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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