Novotel Manila, Food Exchange Manila X Masarap Ba? Masarap Nga! Buffet

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Rejoice!!! This well- received buffet is extended until April 14. Now, everyone will get the chance to try out “What is indeed “Masarap” for our dear friend, Masarap Ba?”

Novotel Manila Araneta Center fulfills a trending online community’s dream of a grand foodie festival with “Masarap Nga! Meet and Eat!” – a  pioneering collaboration with the food blogger, Masarap Ba? starting from March 29 until April 14 at the Food Exchange Manila.


Masarap Ba? expressed his/her excitement, “Finally, it’s happening. We can realize this project that has been popularly in demand by both my online followers and consumers who have been yearning for food that they are comfortable with and yet offer innovative concepts and experiences.”


Seventeen local food products have been handpicked by Masarap Ba? to be featured in the event, and these are: Mad Meat’s homemade bacon, Beth’s classic chicken gallantina, roast beef and baked salmon by Benedicto Kitchen, Binagoongan and Chicken flakes by Mishee’s, Gourmet Tuyo by Che-che’s Gourmet, Cream Cheese by La Petite Fromagerie, Zero-sugar Peanut Butter by Gng. Bukid, Papa Bear’s chili oil, Tamago Chips, Eddy’s old style chicharrones, Mango Grill Manila’s Cheesy Cassava, the 64% Dark Chocolate Tart by Halfsaints, Auro Chocolate Cacao from Davao, Daddy Mikk’s Chilli and Garlic Crunch, Buenlago Kitchen’s Indie Sauce, cupcakes by Cake Shots and Le Sucre Club’s dream cake.


Food Exchange Manila is also known for their Homemade Corned Beef, Indian dishes, the infamous Cheese bread, and all-time fave Homemade Gelato by Chef de Patisserie Manny Sy, which you can also enjoy as part of the buffet.


This collaboration is truly made possible by the chefs of Novotel, as they were the ones who interpreted the ingredients into dishes for people to enjoy in the buffet.


With that said, let me list down the food items you MUST eat when trying this buffet.

1.) Roast Beef and Baked Salmon by Benedicto Kitchen, I was told to go on a dinner to hopefully have chance to try both.


2.) Pancit Bihon Guisado topped with Chicken Adobo Flakes by Mishee’s


3.) Kimchi Fried Rice with Quail Eggs and Papa Bear’s Chili Oil


4.) Beth’s Classic Chicken Gallantina, I really think this should be called Embotido instead


5.) Pizza Bianco with Mad Meat’s Homemade Bacon


6.) Mango Grill Manila’s Cheesy Cassava


7.) Le Sucre Club’s Dream Cake


After stuffing yourselves with glorious food, you may also try and recreate the dishes at home. Items featured in the buffet are available for purchase, and proceeds will go directly in helping these SME’s grow their businesses.


Masarap Nga! Meet and Eat will run at the Food Exchange Manila located at the ground floor of Novotel Manila Araneta Center extended until April 14, 2019. Buffet rates start at Php 1,588 nett. For reservations, please call (02) 990 7888 or mobile number 09498865591.


Stay hungry,


Nathaniel C. Uy

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