Kabila Filipino Bistro, Christmas Salo-salo


Kabila Filipino Bistro

Christmas is a huge thing in the Philippines, “Ber” months as they call it is actually the start of Christmas, and will usually end in January and in February. As you can imagine, almost everyone, if not everyone is attending Christmas parties left and right. What is a party without food? However, many of us celebrate Christmas having the same viands and dishes on the table. It seems a little repetitive at times, Kabila Christmas Salo-salo Set Menu will surely break the monotony in your Christmas Celebration.

Was invited by Mela for a Media Appreciation Luncheon featuring Kabila’s Christmas Salo-salo Set Menu, what was served to us as I understood it was modified by Chef Kalel Chan but is still based on the 4 sets that they have.


Christmas Salo-salo

Knowing Mela, Chef Kalel, and the entire Raintree Group, I am pretty sure they will be serving beautifully presented viands, and properly curated dishes.


Table Set-up

You can likewise have the same set-up upon request.



Each Set consist of 10 dishes, running from appetizers to desserts. Each set is either good for 6 or for 10 people, priced per person but the meal is served family style. Ballpen is not included in whatever Set Menu, I guess my inner evilness is getting out of hand. Thank you, Mela, for the awesome ballpen. 🙂


Melted Quesong Puti

We started the feast with Melted Quesong Puti served with Melba Toasts.



Grilled Pork Pelly & Pig’s Ear Dinakdakan, a bit of Mayonnaise mixed in with the Onion, Sili, Vinegar, and Calamansi Spritz.


Ensaladang Kabila

This went perfect with everything and acted as palette cleanser in between dishes, really refreshing, and appetite booster. So beware!!! Why? Just diet next year… ;P


Pork Belly Roll

This was a clear winner!!! I could have easily finished an entire plate if I could only hide it from my companions. They were likewise eyeing this dish like a hawk.


Gindara Mayonessa

Every Betty Crocker wife can tell you that this dish commonly uses a whole Grouper fish, in the Philippines it is common to use Apahap. Kabila used Gindara Fillet, and topped it with the same toppings used in a traditional Mayonessa.


Spicy Chicken Adobo sa Pula

Pula or Red Adobo, cooked with Annatto Seeds or Achueta, is common in the Southern Tagalogs. I don’t usually eat Chicken Adobo, but this one is really really good.


Bone Marrow Bulalo

Look at that Bone Marrow!!! 🙂


French Gising Gising

Done really well, and cooked with crab meat.


Pancit Kabila

With huge chunks of lechon kawali on top. 🙂


Suman Kabila

I was not able to taste this though, since I needed to go right after the main courses.


Avocado Crush

The Ultimate Avocado Crush contains Avocado Pudding, Avocado Ice Cream, Queso, Sago and a bit of tinge with the Pomelo Shreds.


Tropical Fruit Platter

Disclaimer: It was a bloggers invite brunch. Everything written here is entirely based on my own opinion, my own biases, and my own insights.

Kabila Filipino Bistro

Ayala Museum Complex, Makati Avenue, Makati, Philippines

Contact Numbers: (02) 757 3000

Operating Hours: 8:00AM – 11:00PM

Fabook: https://www.facebook.com/raintreekabila

P550++ per person for groups of 6
P650++ per person for groups of 10



I think it is not a secret that I love restaurants under the Raintree Group, pretty much satisfied with the festive and yummy dishes presented by Kabila for their Christmas Salo-salo Set Menu.

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

Side note: The Raintree Group is now having their Annual Holiday Bake Sale in all their outlets (except for Saboten, and Terraz), do give them a call to make Christmas shopping a little easier, and a lot yummier. Posted here are my two faves. 🙂


Lemon Tres Leches Pound Cake


Holiday Revel Bar

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