Pepita’s Kitchen Degustation in Bluewater Panglao


Set in a paradise that is Bluewater Panglao, no less than the Lechon Diva herself mounted the stage for one incredible night of food.


The beauty of Bohol, and the warmth of our home, Bluewater Panglao, is the perfect venue for such a night of food appreciation to the brim of our tiny appetites.


I’ve known the Lechon Diva through her famous stuffed lechon, my ever favorite would be her Truffle-stuffed Lechon. She would often give me free pass or second servings on her dishes whenever I meet her in food events and gathering.


So, here’s a little throwback to last year when I celebrated Thanksgiving in Bluewater Panglao, enjoying the “Hayop sa Sarap” na Degustation by Pepita’s Kitchen. Get ready to get hungry with the following dishes served to us that night.


Gayuma ni Pepita’s

Calamansi Juice, served with Cotton Candy (as sweetener), and Lambanog.


Pica Pica ng Pepita’s

The pink one is Lucban Kiping with Squid Ink Aoili and Tarlac Dilis, the one on a craker is Balut Salicao, the one of the left is Lechon Scone and adjacent to that is Mr. Thomas Butter.


Nata de Atchara Salad

Mixed Greens with Atcharang Nata de Coco ng Pampanga (with Cornicks and Cashew).



This one is everyone’s fave dish, Hipon and Itlog na maalat.


Puso ng Cebu with Tuslob Buwa

Getting inspiration from her previous degustation in Cebu, the Lechon Diva recreated the ever famous Tuslob Buwa of the city, and also incorporated her own twist to the Puso by adding minced meat.


Halang-halang ng Bol-anon

Aside from her Lechon dishes, this is the highlight of the night. The Lechon Diva took the concept of Halang-halang of Bohol, and reinvented it to be her own. Noodles with Chicken cooked in Coconut Milk and Green Chilies. This is just divine!!! 🙂


Sipit sa Sarap

Another crowd favorite, is the Lechon Diva’s Crab Claw in Gulong-gulong Sauce.


That night we were served with two types of Lechon, one of which is my ever favorite… Truffle Lechon.



The other one is her new creation, Lumpiang Lechon de Leche.


Ending the degustation is a sampler of the Lechon Diva’s dessert. Buko Pandan Macaroon, Guinataang Brulee, and Super Suman.


Everyone of us were surprised to take home our very own Tarsier as well… A cookie version of a Tarsier, but cute (and yummy) just the same. 🙂


It was indeed a perfect night to rest, after a long day of exploring Bohol, almost missing out my flight to Bohol, and a longer night of eating.

By the way, everyone can likewise enjoy this at the comfort of their own home. For more information, please call (02) 425 4605 or send her an email (, or visit her Facebook Page or Instagram Account.


With everything that had happened that day… I really didn’t know whether the bed or the tub is more inviting. But I am just glad I am staying at Bluewater Panglao, and with the company of friends, and new friends alike.

Bluewater Panglao

Contact Number: (02) 817 5751 / (02) 887 1348 / (0998) 588 3439

Address: (Manila Sales Office) Room 1414 Cityland Herrera Tower 98 Rufino corner Valero Streets, Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines 1227

Stay hungry,


Nathaniel Uy

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